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Who Said Water and Electricity Don't Mix? ClearFresh Launches E-Bike


We all know water and electricity don't mix. Or do they? ClearFresh Water has become the first Australian filtered cooler company to employ an electric bicycle for routine servicing for customers located in the city centre as well as within 15 kilometres of our Macquarie Park head office.

“Using an e-bike is a great way to deliver better value to our customers” says Scott Lie, ClearFresh Water’s Business Support & Service Standards Manager. “The e-bike will definitely improve the way we arrive at each workplace and means we no longer need to worry about traffic, searching for parking spaces or running the risk of parking fines”. According to The Tom Tom Congestion Index, Sydney has an average traffic index of 35, meaning road congestion increases journey times by 35%. “Saving valuable operating time should, we expect, also translate into cost savings for our customers” says Scott Lie.

The ebike combines the ease of bicycles with the efficiency and speed of a motorised vehicle, whilst being 100% environmentally friendly. We are proud to launch this innovation and will keep you updated as we develop this idea further.

To learn more about our e-bike, click here.


When the Walls Close In: How Offices Are Shrinking


Do you sometimes get that shrinking feeling? The Sydney Morning Herald reported in 2011 that average office space per worker dropped by 25 percent over 10 years to 11.49 square metres. In fact call centre employees and hot deskers tended to have even less space, averaging a cosy 7.6 square metres.

Whilst many offices are trending toward a “collaborative” environment by cutting back on individual space, a report in the Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management (2008) found that collaborative office environments can cause loss of privacy, low work productivity, overstimulation, and low job satisfaction.

So what can be done to mitigate these negative effects? Keeping private conference rooms available, allowing employees to work from home several times a month, or encouraging headphone use to block out chatter, may help employees who relish their privacy and space.

An immediate way to maximise floor space is to set a goal, say 10% of current floor area, thereby targeting how much space you aim to ‘liberate’. Many of our customers have seen firsthand how using bottleless water coolers vastly reduces floor clutter. Additionally, desks and table-tops with built-in storage space, and vertical storage containers with small bases ensures storage units don’t take over.

How does your office ensure employees can maximise floor space? Let us know, we’d love to hear your ideas!


Every Second Counts: How to Improve Efficiency at Your Working Environment


Workplace efficiency is a never ending holy grail for business. Corporate real estate, whether you rent or you own is expensive. So how can we do more with less? How can we better plan and operate within our work areas to minimize wasted time and maximise efficiency? Our customers understand this, and it is a huge reason why they no longer permit bottled water to consume valuable floor space.

Here are some further ideas to increase efficiency in your workplace:

  • Partner with supplier organisations who will value your time, not just your business! Be sure to assess their organisational ability to be certain they can provide an immediate response when you need it. Suppliers who take up your time also take up your profits.
  • Colour your world: US based Mark Youngberg of AAA Painting Contractors lists colour as a very powerful tool to influence workplace performance and customer attitude. For example, warm colours encourage cheerfulness and social interaction, and cool colours encourage quiet and concentration. If you'd like to learn more about how color can re-energise your office click here.
  • Boost your business efficiency by encouraging staff to introduce great ideas from former jobs they have had over the years. Given most of us will work in many workplaces throughout our careers, why not tap into that wealth of experience! Here’s one we received recently: Those who carpool to work receive access to free company parking.

Do you have some workplace efficiency ideas you’d like to have published in our next newsletter? Let us know!

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